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Even with the recent legalizations of medical and recreational cannabis in many states across the U.S., doctors are still hesitant to prescribe cannabinoids and CBD oils due to uncertainty about dosage on a per person basis. There is not a lot of information out there as far as dosages go, but at All Greens Clinic, we wanted to provide a guideline of sorts to make it easier to understand where to start and how to increase dosage properly. The most important thing to remember when determining the dosage you need is that everyone is different and you may require more or less CBD than the next person to get the effects you desire.

Suggested Starting Dosage

A standard starting point is to take 25mg of CBD oil twice a day, and then increase that amount by 25mg every 3-4 weeks until you experience symptom relief. Also, remember to decrease dosage if you experience any additional symptoms or your initial symptoms worsen.

Uses and Recommended Dosages of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol has many uses and applications. The following are some general guidelines that have been reported to help with various conditions:

  • Chronic Pain

    • 2.5-20mg of CBD by mouth for an average of 25 days
  • Sleep Disorders

    • 40-160mg of CBD by mouth
  • Movement Problems Stemming from Huntington’s Disease

    • 10mg per kilo by mouth daily for six weeks
  • Increase Appetite for Cancer Patients

    • 2.5mg of THC by mouth with or without 1mg of CBD for six weeks
  • Epilepsy

    • 200-300mg of CBD by mouth daily
  • Glaucoma

    • A single dose of 20-40mg under the tongue. Doses greater than 40mg may increase eye pressure
  • Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Treatment

    • 2.5-120mg of a THC-CBD combination by mouth daily for 2-15 weeks

As you can see, there are several benefits and many conditions and symptoms that CBD has been reported to help with.  Use this handy guide as a reference and remember that everyone is different so you will need to dial in the specific CBD oil dosage that works for you. Take a look at our CBD Oil products, and if you have any further questions or would like to purchase CBD oil or get certified for medical marijuana in the state of Arizona, contact us today.

Recommended CBD Oil Dosage

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How Much CBD Oil Should You Take