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If you’re looking into how to get your medical marijuana card in Arizona, you might want to prepare yourself with some of the best products to go along with your medicine. The right supplies will make it easier to smoke at home, or prepare yourself to medicate on the go. Here are some of our favorite products to complete your cannabis toolkit.

When you want to take your medical marijuana on the go, you probably don’t want everyone to smell what you’re up to. Unfortunately, many people still have preconceived notions when they can tell someone has cannabis on them. The Black Rock smell proof storage solutions can help you get from A to B with maximum discretion.

Black Rock makes backpacks in charcoal and blue slate colors, so you can find the perfect option to match your style. These bags were built by professionals and for professionals, so you can fashionably go about your life without the smell of your favorite medicine. It can hold your flower, pipes, vaporizers, and more without letting any of the smell escape. It can even help you stay organized and contain the smell at home.

Take your medicine on the go with a discrete, low-profile grinder card. Now you don’t have to worry about pulling flower apart with your fingers or grinding it up before you go. This card is thin enough to fit into your pocket or even a wallet, so you can have freshly ground cannabis wherever you are. Options from trusted brands like Raw and Black Rock are designed to make sure you have everything you need on the go.

Simply arrange a landing area to collect your freshly ground cannabis, then run the product across the shredding surface of your card. It works like a cheese grater to break your flower up and prepare it for smoking. Then simply roll it up or put it into glass and prepare to medicate.

This is a terrific tool for people who like to medicate with a blunt, but don’t always want to deal with rolling one up or inhaling paper. The glass blunt saves money by eliminating the need to buy papers every time you want to consume your medical marijuana, and it’ll save you plenty of trips to the store as well. It’s healthier without the paper and easier to use. Simply load your glass blunt, then light it up and enjoy your medicine just as you normally would. Some options come with convenient cleaning tools and even a rubber cap so you can use the glass blunt to store your cannabis on the go.

It’s hard to beat vape pens in general, because they allow you to quickly, effectively, and discreetly consume your medicine. Grasshopper brand vape pens take the discretion up another level because their pens look like actual writing instruments. These devices are secretive, look great, and are designed to last a lifetime. They’re perfect for medicating on the go, especially if you want to do so privately.

Once you’ve got all the right tools, you need a medical marijuana card and a good dispensary with all the right products. AllGreens Clinic is located in Surprise, Arizona to help potential patients in Peoria, Glendale, and Phoenix. Our doctors focus on customer service, education, and high-quality patient care. Look into our pricing online, then contact us to begin the process. Our patients typically receive their medical card in the mail within 7-14 days after their appointment. Type your paragraph here.

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