While finding the best cannabis strain in Arizona doesn’t entirely necessitate the need of a fawned-upon expert, the level of sophistication when it comes to marijuana use has risen quite dramatically in recent years. Between indicas, sativas, and hybrids, as well as escalating THC-levels and the popularity of CBD products, it’s become harder to discern which cannabis products to try to achieve the results you’re trying to reach. However, there are some clear trends heading into 2019 that highlight new and popular strains and are worth a try.

A sativa strain with some of the highest levels of THC, Kilimanjaro is an excellent way to start of your 2019. As with most sativas, this Tanzanian-originated strain is often reported providing users with a bouncy vivaciousness. Further, if you’re one to nose the bouquet, it offers a seductive scent, with hints of citrus and spice among other floral notes.

For those seeking bud with an especially high THC percentage, head to your MMJ clinic and ask if they have Chemdawg. A hybrid with a mysterious background (Chemdawg is rumored to be born out of a mixture Thai and Nepalese sativas despite being indica-dominant), it has produced its own high-powered offspring due to its inclusion in the recipe for Sour Diesel.

Artists, in particular, seem to enjoy Chemdawg, as they report it sparks an uplifting feeling of creativity when using it. Additionally, anxiety sufferers have reported founding some success in using Chemdawg to combat anxious thoughts.

Despite a name that connotes impurity, Durban Poison is one of the purest sativa strains on the market. Because of its relative genetic simplicity, there’s no complicated history of parent strains that when mixed together can produce surprising side effects. This means that if you’re one who is particularly drawn to sativas, Durban Poison may be the perfect strain for you.

Users report feeling uplifted and energized without a disappointing or dizzying come down after the effects fade. Rumor has it that those who imbibe Durban Poison in the morning feel better than they do after a cup of coffee.

Ghost Train Haze is not a newcomer to the cannabis scene, but it’s high potency and consistency is what has kept it as one of the most popular strains over the past decade. Speaking to its power, back in 2012, High Times magazine named Ghost Train Haze the most potent strain on Earth. With the potential to reach THC percentages of 28 percent, this is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid.

Similar to other sativas, users report feeling sparks of creativity when using Ghost Train Haze, along with feelings of energy and positivity. Since it’s a hybrid, there are also notes of indica to be found in this strain’s aroma. A piney earthiness, combined with a smattering of fruit scents, make this strain a favorite among those who prefer a more pungent bouquet.

A potent and handsome strain, White Tahoe Cookies is an indica-dominant strain that needs only a toke to feel its effects. With a sweet, unctuous aroma, there’s not a lot to dislike when it comes to how this bud looks, smells, or tastes.

While sativa-heavy strains can potentially help you feel more energized, the heavy presences of indica in White Tahoe Cookies mean its best enjoyed by those who have trouble sleeping. It’s also for those who are more than happy to spend the next hour or so watching TV on their couch with a strong body high.

Finding the right strain for you isn’t easy, so if you’re looking for an MMJ clinic in Arizona, look no further than All Greens Clinic. A non-profit clinic that serves as cannabis experts in the Phoenix area reach out to them today for your medical marijuana needs.

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The Hottest Cannabis Strains to Try in 2019


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